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N O T H I N G : Preliminary Bibliography Number: 6

..My involvement in the critical space is a legacy of what happened when a semiautonomous critical voice started to become weak, and one of the reasons that happened was that curating became a dynamic process. So people you might have met before, who in the past were critics were now curators. The brightest, smartest people get involved in this multiple activity of being mediator, producer, interface and neo-critic. It is arguable that the most important essays about art over the last ten years have not been in art magazines but they have been in catalogues and other material produced around galleries, art centres and exhibitions. Bos, S. and Gillick, L., ‘Towards a Scenario: Debate with Liam Gillick’ in De Appel Reader No. 1: Modernity Today: Contributions to a Topical Artistic Discourse (Amsterdam: De Appel, 2005)

N O T H I N G : Preliminary Bibliography Number: 8

Performance’s only life is in the present. Performance cannot be saved, recorded, documented, or otherwise participate in the circulation of representations of representations: Once it does so, it becomes something other than performance. To the degree that performance attempts to enter the economy of reproduction it betrays and lessens the promise of its own ontology. Performance’s being…becomes itself through disappearance.  Peggy Phelan [Unmarked: The Politics of Performance  (London: Routledge, 1993): 146]