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Eylül, 2016 tarihine ait yayınlar gösteriliyor


İsmail Simsek on Abstract Forms (Eng-Tr) The forms of Ismail Simsek produced last period focuses person referring the human being both beyond from the source and to source and his space and the experience of time. Ismail uses the structure of the form as a psychological phenomenon in his works. The forms of Ismail indicating the presence of the statue continue their existence as interlocked and like a cocoon composed of nodes cannot be separated from each other. The knitting or binding action can be read as a kind of acts of self-destruction trying to lose their permits until the last node. It refers to the chaos for those who know the way for the losers of the universe. Each node exists in a single body as apart from each other and a whole. The nodes representing the multiplicity of the world and the presence of a holistic form as unity in nature builds re-”bond” on one language itself and “I” would not. The rope used as material/medium is a metaphor as the idea of a kind o