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Mart, 2011 tarihine ait yayınlar gösteriliyor

Candy Chang's Before I Die

To read the story behind this project, and to view more photos, check out Candy Chang's website here.
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''Imminence of desire'' Huseyin Caglayan

.....In his work “Imminence of Desire”, Çağlayan spells out Istanbul’s name given by the cultures which desire the city. And he does it by means of panels and boards we see in airports. The artist believes that the city is always through a continuous flow today as well as in past. In thousands of years, Istanbul had more than 150 names. Every name reflected the bound of that culture with the city. Different cultures at different times protected the city’s identity and claimed what it represented for them.


15.11.2010 The lower road on the small avenue seemed to meet a line, with a lengthy beginning, between Iran and Caldiran. The stacking of the cigarettes upon one another appeared to turn these packets into towers. I don't know what seduced me then, but maybe it was ' something/a sign' that I hid inside myself 'unkowing/aware ' that it would turn into something else. Life has a death-like symbolism of its own, it makes itself seen through its skill of turning us into a 'thing' which it sticks in its pocket to take out whenever necessary. Life presented this to me as one on the dull, gleaming, mocking, unimposing surfaces of the cigarette towers. One was multitude, and the same was different. (KAPITAL&PRESTIGE) 18/01/2011 ISTANBUL I was by myself that day in a friend's studio. I lit the furnace and stretched out. A while later, I got bored and and picked a book from the shelf. What I came up with was a catalogue of Warhol. I remember staring at