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Haziran, 2011 tarihine ait yayınlar gösteriliyor

Quid rides? De te fabula narratur

The exhibition Quid rides? De te fabula narratur references to the vague nature of concepts that comprise the multipartite, multilayered structures, such as Turkish history, memory and identity. This in-betweenness which is conceptually situated somewhere between crying and laughter, strives to construct an impartial fictitious language and a transparent context in this geography where everything is interconnected within everything. Deriving from Turkey’s cultural history, the exhibition consists of a series of ironic and upfront constructions, focusing on a research of local and social memory. While the artist builds his work with the retrieved images of the cultural memory, he poetically includes his own subjectivity to all these captivities. Issues of social injustice, resistance and politics of survival are raised not through the artist’s observation as an outsider, but from close range; a perspective precisely constructed by the practices of life. This stance, at times tragicomi

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