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TANDEM – Cultural Managers Exchange Turkey – European Union aims at establishing long-term partnerships between cultural organisations from Turkey and the EU countries. Following the steps of the first TANDEM Turkey-EU round, conducted in 2011-2012, it is targeted at engaging participants in an intense international collaboration process, which includes the realisation of a shared interdisciplinary project, linked to their cultural expertise.

TANDEM is an initiative of the European Cultural Foundation (Amsterdam), MitOst (Berlin), Anadolu Kültür (Istanbul), and supported by Stiftung Mercator (Essen).

For one year, 15 cultural managers/project coordinators from Turkey and 15 from different EU countries form 15 transnational collaboration Tandems. All participants spend a placement at their partner’s organisation. Next to experiencing a new cultural environment, this working visit includes the planning and implementation of a shared cultural project or co-production. In addition to these exchange visits, the entire group meets several times to share their experience and knowledge of international collaboration and cross-cultural management. Throughout the process, participants receive know-how support from the programme organisers as well as project funding for their co-production/joint project.

We believe in the importance of cultural collaboration to create lasting connections between dif-ferent groups and communities. Working with new organisations and in new localities provides inspiring learning experiences. The TANDEM scheme feeds into a variety of objectives – from facilitating creative innovation to nurturing local cultural change-makers. Our vision is to see creative networks emerge from this programme. We are confident that TANDEM networks will continue beyond the year-long collaboration and thus contribute to the social and cultural well-being in their region.

TANDEM works on three levels:
* Organisational level: a cooperation between the organisations involved in the Tandem partnerships;
* Personal level: an exchange between the cultural managers in a Tandem and within the network of all participants;
* Collaborative level: the project serves as a laboratory for the two Tandem partners and provides a platform for collaboration on a larger scale

TANDEM II – Participants TURKEY

Ezgi Yalınalp (Puruli Culture & Art, Ankara)
Hüseyin Eryurt (Culture Routes Society, Antalya)
Taner Kılınç (GOLA, Artvin)
M. Çağlar Alkan (Green Yayla Culture Arts & Environmental Festival, Artvin / Istanbul)
Nurullah Kaya (Aktive Culture & Art Association, Diyarbakır)
Fırat Bingöl (SKYGD, Diyarbakır / Istanbul)
Vural Tarla (Kırkayak Culture Art & Environment Association, Gaziantep)
Derya Nüket Özer (Sulukule Children Art Atelier, Istanbul)
Ümit Özdemir (Galata Perform, Istanbul)
Sibel Erduman (Photographic Foundation, Istanbul)
Seher Uysal (ASK - Acikalan Art Collective, Istanbul)
Saliha Yavuz (GriZine, Istanbul )
Cemre Ceren Asarlı (Documentarist, Istanbul)
Ertuğrul Akgün (TAKSAV, Istanbul/Izmir/Ankara)
Filiz Ağbaba Gürsel (Selçuk Municipality, Izmir/Istanbul)
Nesrin Uçarlar (PRA-Theatre Madrasa, Izmir)
Gizem Akkoyunoğlu (IO - input / output, Izmir)
Etem Şahin (Sütüdyo feat. 49A aka Finger Exercises, Izmir) 
Aslı Güngörer (Sanatölye Varyant, Izmir)
Talat Alkan (Sivas Hizmet Vakfi, Sivas)


TANDEM II – Participants EU

Ruth Timmermans (Gonzo (circus), Remersdaal – Belgium)
Elisa Calosi (International Elias Canetti Society, Ruse – Bulgaria)
Merja Briñón (Artists’ Association of Lapland (AAL), Rovaniemi – Finland)
Marianna Kajantie (Lasipalatsi Media Centre Ldt, Helsinki – Finland)
Claire Chaize (Banlieues d’Europe, Lyon – France)
Mert Akbal (Experimental Media Lab, Saarbrücken – Germany)
Ahmet Sinoplu (jfc Medienzentrum, Cologne – Germany)
Hülya Karci-Egetenmeier (Schilleria Mädchencafé, Berlin – Germany)
Barbara Glieden (Moviemiento, Berlin – Germany)
Samuel Kalika (ZK/U – Zentrum für Kunst und Urbanistik, Berlin – Germany)
Laura-Melpomeni Tapini (DIADRASIS, Athens – Greece)
Daniella Huszar (KÈK – Hungarian Contemporary Architecture Center, Budapest – Hungary)
Barna Petrány (Pro Progressione, Budapest – Hungary)
Siobhan O Malley (The Dock, Carrick on Shannon – Ireland)
Silke Kurth (Festival dei popoli & Festival Middle East Now, Florence – Italy) Maurizio Braucci (Arrevuoto. Teatro e Pedagogia, Naples – Italy)
Agnė Tuskevičiūtė (Arts Printing House, Vilnius – Lithuania)
Karolina Bieniek (Art Transparent Contemporary Art Foundation, Wroclaw – Poland)
Grzegorz Reske (Centre for Culture in Lublin, Lublin – Poland)
Dragos Lumpan (Asociatia Fotocabinet, Bucharest – Romania)
Milan Zvada (Garden – Independent Culture Centre, Banska Bystrica – Slovakia) Noemí Sas Castilleja (Filmoteca de Catalunya, Barcelona – Spain)
Katarzyna Sobucka (Arts Territory, London – United Kingdom)
Jon Davis (London International Festival of Theatre, London – United Kingdom)


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Illustration by Maurice Sendak from Open House for Butterflies by Ruth Krauss
..Jameson writes that in our “contemporary world system,” the image has been
replaced by the simulacrum, and reality by the pseudoevent. In terms of culture, we have lost the “critical distance” that modernism presumed—we no longer have “the possibility of the positioning of the cultural act outside the massive Being of capital.” “Aesthetic production today has become integrated into commodity production generally.” In Warhol’s Factory, aesthetic production became commodity production. The Factory was rather like the pre-automated factories of his hometown Pittsburgh—Caroline Jones refers to it as a “pre-Taylorized collective.”..