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N O T H I N G : Preliminary Bibliography Number: 10

You'll never get anyone to pay for the Guggenheim to stay empty all year, though to me that would be a marvelous idea.

Allan Kaprow

["What Is a Museum?: A Dialogue between Allan Kaprow and Robert Smithson" Robert Smithson: The Collected Writings, ed. Jack Flam Berkeley: University of California Press, 1996): 48. Copyright Estate Robert Smithson


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Illustration by Maurice Sendak from Open House for Butterflies by Ruth Krauss
..Jameson writes that in our “contemporary world system,” the image has been
replaced by the simulacrum, and reality by the pseudoevent. In terms of culture, we have lost the “critical distance” that modernism presumed—we no longer have “the possibility of the positioning of the cultural act outside the massive Being of capital.” “Aesthetic production today has become integrated into commodity production generally.” In Warhol’s Factory, aesthetic production became commodity production. The Factory was rather like the pre-automated factories of his hometown Pittsburgh—Caroline Jones refers to it as a “pre-Taylorized collective.”..