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What is the subject of this exhibition?

--I can say that this exhibition, in fact, has made a process documented thus became the outcome of such process rather than framing something (meanwhile of course it frames many things).

You mean it is not planned before, is it? Didn’t you have a plan in your mind at the beginning?

Honestly, there were many things in my mind at the beginning however once I have noticed something, I ask to myself why I can not release myself from anything and why I can not feel peace so I directed myself to be silent and watch the rotation of the world but it should not make a sense of irresponsibility. I do not feel myself as an artist for rather a long time. In fact I do not have any idea if it is normal or a very special feeling.. I feel the human and its picture are as if occupational instruments, only. Thus whenever something is felt from such point, I found myself at a point where I have been showing the distance between I and myself. To be a painter, an artist is an extraordinarily magical thing in the life.

Did you bring some of your art works to Residency or did you produce your works here? Please tell us more

I did not know what I would do in Saint Cirq however I was intending to keep on working my designs; even I was thinking very seriously to copy an antique notebook at 3D view. However it did not become true but again I wanted to do something related to such antique notebook. This notebook was something similar to a studying book written by hand for the people who start to learn French. I was deeply affected when I saw its plastic material at one sight. Obviously I could never indicate the real meaning of such material inside me ; though it was a very strange desire but for what, I could not solve. Then I translated these repeated sentences in the notebook into Turkish. They were incredibly funny even absurd things. For example “ he smoked cigarette and he danced” or …the kid is ill….. or yesterday you made twenty five costumes… I was putting a target for myself everyday.. I would make the design of a visual object that has found a reflection inside me. In fact I need to say that it is like a homework.. actually exciting. However it is also an imaginary pleasure that gives the free space from mind. It is BORING isn’t it? Establishing the balance is nice however the human needs to be surprised for whatsoever reason. I was collecting the images and as a result every time, an image was being produced as the equivalent to a sentence and a sentence every time was being produced for each image.

It is a very different approach rather than your style you had before in your works. You are very brave, I think. Didn’t you feel any fear? I mean what the public say or something like that ??

Yes this is a very different platform. While I am producing my stories “our stories” or the sounds and the melancholy of the local worlds or in fact producing or telling the things that were lost before, such a thing should of course surprise both you and I. I have an extra ordinarily strange and variable relation with design.. I like using my designs as both as if a memory made of paper and a mirror reflecting the interior side of human.

What are the words whispering us in connection with the content of your exhibition?

As I said before it is the exhibition of a process. I in fact analyzed myself from some points in such process. The person is every time the same however at the same time is any other person becomes he seems himself but has many faces though. It is like a thorny rose breach.. Even G.Perec also emphasized in “sleeping man” ; “ which secret you seek for in cracked mirror ???” here it is the cut of paper. It is like the dialogue of mine with me.. I tried to combine the interior things keeping inside me and the obvious things seen very clear. I discharged everything inside me as if mind expanding by only the eyes.. I hope I can reflect my light.. Surely as long as you see yourself, you see less each time…the cut of paper hurts deeply and the truth comes out just because of its reflection.

Mehmet Dere


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